Outreach Supports

What is Outreach?
Outreach is the act of meeting people where they are. Our Outreach staff leaving the comfort of the clinic and go to the people who cannot come to us. We make sure they receive the same level of care any client of NorWest CHC would regardless of their ability to travel to the clinic or attend traditional appointments.

What We Do:

  • We go out into the community and offer education on: harm reduction kits, naloxone as well as the physical supplies in partnership with TBDHU
  • From 830-430 you can attend NorWest CHC and receive assistance on food access, clothing, access to shelter, and access to health education or assistance navigating healthcare systems.
  • Light case management done through a peer support lens with a focus on giving assistance navigating the complexities of the healthcare system.
  • Support our more vulnerable clients by physically connecting them to the resources they prescribe and can provide check-ins and assistance with transportation to appointments.
  • Directly connect people to provide options to essentials such as food and hygiene products.
  • In depth case management/system navigation options with our Community, overdose Capacity building project utilizing a referral partnership with EMS.
  • Collaborate with Registered Nurses at NorWest CHC to offer mobile wound care while checking in on site with vulnerable persons.
  • Advocacy and assistance to persons facing barriers in the health or social systems, while assisting people who have been denied traditional supports.
  • Education and support to Thunder Bay businesses interested in learning about harm reduction while providing education sessions to local public schools and other entities.
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