Diabetes & Chronic Disease Care

Supporting Your Health

Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, require extra attention and support from a team to help you stay well.

Keeping your symptoms, well-managed helps reduce the need to see a specialist, reduces the need to go to the emergency department, and keeps you healthier.

Our interprofessional care team provides wrap around support to teach you how to manage your condition with healthy eating, active eating, medication and coaching. We also have telemedicine services on-site for specialist visits.

We offer

  • Primary health care to registered clients to help them manage diabetes and other chronic diseases
  • Monitoring of health, such as blood sugar levels and blood pressure
  • Support groups including Living with Diabetes so people can learn from and support each other
  • Specialized Foot Care, as people with diabetes in particular are at higher risk for foot problems
  • Education and information for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases to help keep themselves healthier
  • Health promotion including helping develop exercise programs
  • Nutrition and dietitian services for healthier eating
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