Best Care With No Travel

Telemedicine is a program that allows clients to talk with health care providers including specialists by videoconference. For example, normally if you live in Armstrong or Thunder Bay and are referred to a specialist in Ottawa, you would have to travel hours or even days for an appointment. Today, many specialists will agree to meet with clients by Telemedicine, saving you all the time and expense of travel.

We’ll Take Care Of:

  • Setting up the appointment (normally, the client confirms with the health care provider first that a Telemedicine appointment is possible)
  • Providing the room and videoconferencing technology
  • Setting up the connection between you and the health care provider’s office
  • Disconnecting the system once the appointment is over
A nurse will be available to support you throughout your appointment, if required.

The system is part of the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). It is a secure network so you will have the same privacy as you would talking with any other health care provider. Staff members are not in the room with you during your appointment (unless requested). You may choose to have another person in the room with you if you like including a family member or another health care provider.

Telemedicine services available to primary care clients served through our Mobile Health Services program at the Thunder Bay site. Teledermatology is available at the Thunder Bay site and in rural communities served by Mobile Health Services team.

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