Kwae Kii Win

This managed alcohol program (MAPs) aim to reduce harms from alcohol for people with unstable housing and severe alcohol-related problems.

How it Works:

MAPs provides food, clothing, and emergency shelter to those in need within the community

  • Provides provisional housing to individuals who have faced prolonged homelessness and substance use issues
  • Assists residents to improve their health and wellness through regular nutrition, medical care and by using a harm reduction approach
  • Can accommodate up to 15 individuals
Improvements in quality of life:

MAP participants were more likely to keep their housing and experience increased safety and improved quality of life compared to life on the streets, in jails, shelters or hospitals.

Participants described the MAP environment as a safe place characterized by respect, trust and a non-judgmental approach providing a sense of family, home and hope with opportunities to reconnect with family and culture 

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