Healthcare & Support

Living with HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C means you will need specialized health care. You will need to treat or manage the infection itself, and manage your overall health. That’s where NorWest CHC can help.

NorWest CHC provides health care and support for those with HIV and Hep C. NorWest CHC works in partnership with specialists and other partners.

We Offer

  • Primary health care, with a special understanding of the needs of clients with HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C
  • Help finding resources and supports from other community organizations, if needed
  • Special attention to diet and healthy living
  • Counselling and group sessions for mental health and wellness, if needed
  • Needle Exchange Site

NorWest CHC also raises awareness about these infections and how to protect against them.

People with any illness are more likely to live better, longer lives when they regularly see health care professionals. If you have HIV/AIDS or Hep C and you do not have a doctor or other primary care provider, please Contact Us to register and make an appointment.

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