Digital Equity

We recognize that without digital equity, the growing reliance on technology as a portal for access to services and programs, amplified by the necessities of the pandemic, would create barriers to participation and access through digital pathways. This is not a problem that can be easily addressed with more devices or better Wi-Fi access, nor with expanded broadband availability in people’s homes. Addressing immediate needs like these is important, but there are also many other considerations, such as the availability of electricity to charge devices and the knowledge of how to use these digital health solutions.

With our community partners, NorWest CHC has established a digital community health equity strategy with an end goal of providing access to devices, internet access and the digital literacy skills that are required in a connected world.  Our digital equity program offers:

  • Loaner programs for devices
  • Subsidy programs for devices
  • Use of existing digital literacy platforms
  • Tapping into the experience of digital literacy programs
  • Digital Navigator to assist individual access online and virtual services

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