Safer Supply

What is it? Safer supply is the use of prescribed medications as a safer alternative to the toxic illegal drug supply for people who are at high risk of overdose.

Safer supply services can help prevent overdoses, save lives, and connect people who use drugs to other health and social services. Preliminary evidence
Evidence from London Intercommunity Health Centre’s Safer Opioid Supply (SOS) program. Link paper.
has shown a reduction in medical costs related to emergency and inpatient care. Addressing the overdose crisis proactively will reduce the burden on our emergency department.

Our Goal is to promote a greater knowledge and understanding of substance use while implementing compassionate ways to provide evidence based care for people who use substances.

Why do we need it? As of 2021, Thunder Bay has averaged 2.3 deaths per week from fatal overdose. Traditional methods have not been effective against the overdose crisis.

Who is it for? Individuals who are regularly using street supply, are at a high risk of fatal overdose, and are engaged in risky behaviour
Engaged in survival sex work or criminal activity in order to afford their supply.

How does it work? Our provider’s prescribe opioids to clients to replace the illicit market of toxic supply they rely on. The Safer Supply Program focuses on a client-centered
Views clients as autonomous people who are capable of making their own health care decisions with informed consent.
, team-based
Our team consists of our medical team, as well as outreach workers and a system navigator to assist client’s with their other determinants of health.
, and comprehensive approach within a community health centre model of care.
CHCs work with individuals, families and communities to strengthen their capacity to take more responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

How do I learn more? Visit Norwest Community Health Centres and speak to one of our staff members today.

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