Good Food Box

Good Food, Ready for Pickup

Clients have called the Good Food Box “Christmas on a monthly basis,” as you never know month-to-month what will be in your box. NorWest Community Health Centres is proud to be a host site of this program, which is hosted at various sites in Thunder Bay and has been administered by the Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre since 2005.

The box contains assorted fruits and vegetables that vary based upon the season. The contents often contain local produce when in season. The cost of the boxes is $15 for a single size box and $25 for a family size box. The box contains both items that need to be eaten soon and items with a longer shelf life.

Boxes cost less than local grocery stores and are delivered to many neighbourhoods where fresh produce is not sold. You pay for the box at the beginning of the month and receive your box toward the end of the month.

A community volunteer provides food demonstrations with the Good Food Box by making low cost, simple, yet completely delicious recipes using ingredients from the box.

Greens Prescription

The Greens Prescription program was created to make it easier for people with health and income challenges to access fresh fruits and vegetables. Participants receive a weekly voucher of $10-$25 depending on household size for 15 weeks. The program is based out of the Affordable Food Market in Limbrick, which is open to the public

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