Health Promotion

NorWest Community Health Centres seeks to promote health through a series of pro-active methods. We offer a variety of services to help clients stay healthy or get on the path to good health.

We Offer

  • Foot care services such as nail trimming, callus and ingrown toe nail treatment, foot massages to encourage circulation, and feet examinations to identify problems that require special treatment
  • Assistance in quitting smoking through the “Moving On to Being Free: 5-Step Smoking Cessation Program”
  • Support for clients living with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C through specialized health care, including special attention to diet and healthy living, mental health and wellness counselling, and access to clean needle exchange site information
  • Access to a clean needle exchange site that’s free and anonymous
  • Aquatics workout programs for seniors that are gentle on joints and help promote muscle strength
  • Breastfeeding and lactation support including one to one breastfeeding support services, access to information about best practice, evidence-based care, and education to pregnant women, new mothers, family members and support persons about breastfeeding
  • Consumption and treatment services through Path 525 that provide a safe place to consume illicit drugs, reduce harm, and provide timely access to overdose response
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